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Ozel bag manufacturing all type bag since 2005

We believe that your everyday should be new and should not be confined to monotony or boredom. Although regularity can get mundane, there are always ways to add some more life to these days. Whether you're a school-goer, a young one stepping into the world of college, an avid backpacker or a professional with aspirations to attain, there is always something to liven up your everyday. From travel backpacks and hiking backpacks to laptop backpacks and formal bags, our pieces have been designed and crafted with that in mind - the purpose of creating a difference and bringing in freshness.
With our inception in 2005, today Priority is a leading bag brand in India. Designed for the country’s ambitious school-goers and college students, crafted for driven professionals and entrepreneurs, and engineered for the wanderers and vacationers; a priority bag extends beyond its role. We understand the nature and importance of every phase and stage in life, which is exactly why our collection of men’s backpacks and women’s backpacks carries features that cater to all age groups and individuals from all walks of life. With each bag carrying a story, they are not only steeped in style and affordability but also in their ability to render inspiration. More than a bag; a priority bag speaks, it inspires, and it tells a story.

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